Launch Alert: The SPAM Project hits the road in April

Exciting news for design nerds and creative minds: The world of letterpress printing, a craft blending centuries of tradition with modern design application, is hitting the road! The SPAM Project, our innovative mobile letterpress studio, is debuting with a series of workshops for the AtypI International Typography Conference at the QUT Kelvin Grove Creative Industries Precinct this April.

Workshop details and tickets, find us on Eventbrite.

Highlight Event: Student Day on Sunday, 21st April. It’s a day specially designed for those eager to dive deep into the art and craft of letterpress printing, guided by Clint Harvey and a selection of special guests.

This isn’t just another workshop series. It’s an opportunity to get hands-on with traditional and contemporary letterpress techniques, explore the nuances of typography, and understand how this age-old art form influences modern graphic design. Whether you’re looking to enrich your design practice or simply keen to try something new, these workshops offer a rich, educational experience.

At the heart of the SPAM Project is our bespoke 40-foot shipping container studio, equipped with an impressive collection of 19th-century presses and a curated typography archive. This project connects the dots between historical printmaking and contemporary design, making the tactile magic of letterpress accessible to a wider audience.

Why letterpress? In an era dominated by digital screens, letterpress offers a refreshing pause, inviting designers to engage with the physicality of their craft. It’s a testament to the enduring relevance of letterpress in storytelling, brand identity, and the broader design landscape.

The SPAM Project is more than a series of workshops; it’s an initiative aimed at revitalising interest in letterpress across Australia, especially in regions where this craft has been underappreciated. Through community engagement and educational outreach, we’re on a mission to share the rich legacy and limitless potential of letterpress printing.

Join us on this journey? Discover the power of the press in design. Reserve your spot for our April workshops, including the not-to-be-missed Student Day on 21st April, at the QUT Creative Industries Precinct.

For workshop details and tickets, find us on Eventbrite.

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