Hey there, fellow print enthusiast!

Since we’re a mobile letterpress studio, we’re always on the move, bringing the joy of print culture to communities far and wide. While we don’t have a physical address (because who needs walls when you’ve got a mobile 40’shipping container ), we’d love to hear from you!

Email: Catch us anytime at

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Snail Mail: If you’re as smitten with snail mail as we are, send your letters, postcards, or posters to:
Locker 10013 51619
Shop 9 900 Brunswick Street
New Farm, Brisbane
Queensland 4005,

Patreon Support: Supporting our Patreon account helps us travel the container across the country, connecting communities with letterpress and print culture. As a Patreon member, you’ll receive blog updates, access to exclusive content, and special benefits for workshops and events.