Experience the revival of letterpress printing in regional and remote Australia with the SPAM Project. Housed in a custom 40′ shipping container, our mobile printmaking studio showcases authentic 19th century printing presses and typography archives. Initiated through a successful Kickstarter campaign, our fully mobile classroom space will be traveling the country in 2023. With the support of Clint Harvey and the Bacon Factory, we bring workshops and activities to regional and remote areas, providing access to letterpress, design and visual arts classes for the first time. Discover the history and relevance of letterpress printmaking in a digital world through community demonstrations and workshops. From educational centres to cultural events, join us as we bring this venerable printmaking technique to life in a new and modern way. SPAM offers traditional printmaking , tailored demonstrations, and workshops for all ages and skill levels. Embrace letterpress, graphic design, and bookmaking through membership access during our extended stays in rural and remote locations.

It’s all about taking letterpress to the people the SPAM project will allow letterpress equipment and world class letterpress practitioners to travel to any location in Australia that can be accessed by a truck and shipping container.
For many residents in regional and remote areas of Australia, this will be the first time that they’ve will have access to a letterpress studio offering community classes and  and visual arts workshops.

The mobile printmaking studio will offer community demonstrations and workshops on the history of printing, the art of letterpress and its relevance to graphic design in a digital world. 

The SPAM  project will expose community to printmaking and will work with them to share their community’s stories via the printed word. The project will bring the art and history of letterpress printing to educational centres, public libraries, schools and cultural events, street fairs, and festivals ― where lovers of graphic design, books, arts & crafts, and the written word, can enjoy this old and venerable printmaking technique in a new and modern way.

SPAM offers the community an understanding of traditional printmaking basics that will change the way the public will look at books & printed material forever. Demonstrations and workshops will be modified to suit groups of any size or age; from a 30 minute in-classroom event for 1st graders with short attention spans to an all-day or week long workshops designed specifically for serious artists and printmakers. For those who wish to extend their art practices combining letterpress, photography and bookmaking further, the mobile workshop will offer membership access to the studio as it resides in rural and remote locations for a number of months before moving onto the next exciting location.